Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yesterday, a family friend of the visit was a series of leftovers. I built them for us for dinner s

Yesterday, a family friend of the visit was a series of leftovers. I built them for us for dinner salads with grilled side dish of bacon, tofu salad and cheese. Each of us rakensikin salad own. My version was vihersalaattipeti and nachos yesterday, yesterday bataattisalaattia, tofu and grill cheese.
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Friday, November 21, 2014

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So what? Well, let's not just about anything, as this is only the global compared to placebo, although it acts as an anti-medicine ways. In the News will be listed on virtually every Friday and the thirteenth day of all of the historical accidents that have occurred in the past few years. But statistically not on a day like this was more a fairy tale than even Monday, the fourth day.
Or, of course, happens, should you so wish. In the morning, when in fact opens his eyes and totetaa calendar for the magazine turned unlucky date, and will automatically start maalailemaan devils on the walls. What are all unlucky for me today can not, unearthly Friday and the thirteenth day happen at all? What else can go wrong?
A more detailed list of what you do for yourself things will certainly fail, the higher the success rate. Porridge returns to the bottom of a cup of coffee into the arms of crashes, freezes Pendoliino along the track (this is certainly not the way a day dependent on the matter, but the default value, so it may not be listed), the expected trade will be canceled, easyfairs or at least now the car tricks and owner-operators with törttöilevät. Siinähän those unlucky days induced harmituksia already even though the neighboring sides to share. easyfairs
After breakfast, a list of only the grapple, chin, chest, easyfairs and a day of disappointments. Whenever something happens, then checkmark in the paper! In the evening, you can then check the balance and say that you were absolutely right, the day was really terrible and unfortunate. Good as you survive survived. Then you just wait the next unlucky days, which is otherwise far from unlucky - until January 2012. That, too, yet!
Are there alternative ways to spend a Friday, and 13 days? Saattaapaan they should be, but it is not sillonhan the famous unlucky. That is, if you want to keep the myth of the above, then work according to your instructions. If you want to, that even this is just an ordinary day, a good and positive, easyfairs then leave the guideline ignored. easyfairs
INGREDIENTS - 4 pieces of salmon fillet - basil - 1 lemon - 6 large potatoes - 1 package of green asparagus - 4 spring onion leaves - 1 package of lamb's lettuce (or other lettuce) - olive oil, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
Prepare the salmon: Prepare basil in a blender or mortar. That is, put the basil leaf and oil (approx. 1.5 cups) container and work until smooth. Roll the salmon in the marinade and season with salt. Refrigerate for some time.
Peel the asparagus and dried to remove heads. Boil in salted water for 3-5 minutes depending on the thickness. Let cool and chop. Rinse and dry the lettuce. Chop the spring onions. Cut the lemon into the blocks.
Salmon to grill you should only leather side, a moderately hot grill. Thus leather easyfairs grillaantuu deliciously crisp and the meat remains juicy roseeksi. Fish is the right kypsyinen, when the surface changes its color from red to lighter and the first muscle fluid droplets come to the surface.
13 is bad. I flew in due course on Friday the 13th at 13.15 departing aircraft from South Africa to Helsinki. There streched back, the machine is not in my place (once again) easyfairs served as the telly, his neighbor was badly moonlight, and thus useless thing is monitored, and the 10h flight to London was one of the longest ever. And then that the same thing happened, but at 39 C with a fever on March 22nd, that is certainly the case were unlucky days Tuesday 22 and Friday 13.
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4 carrots 4 beets roasting and 1 beetroot sliced 2 small red onions or 1 large oil salt and pepper

Very trendy is often said, when we tell Educative polka- and white beets in addition to the normal red. The same words attributed to be lived in romanesco- cauliflower fruit buffet and borlottipavut. The word chic hardly generally associated with siirtolapuutarviljelyyn in England and hobby is the general view of the pensioners job. Know, then, does that mean that I and my husband are very old before aikojamme. If it will win a weekly basket of fresh vegetables feelings of success and excellence in addition to my mood, so what this is old mentally. However, I've noticed that the young Sure hoe in hand, and both will be nice when the younger crowd has begun to show doing some gardening. I guess this hobby is becoming a trendy local food, especially the value of the "Foodie" progress.
Trendy or not, these tasty beets are in any case. In particular, the polka- beets look and taste like karkilta yet sweet. Plate may be these roots through the comfort of colors. This year we raised for the first time, the yellow beets. The perky appearance when watching almost have to remind themselves that, yes this is a red beet and citrus fruit in question. The good thing about more special colored red beets is that the hands are smudging red. A good tip beetroot-covered hands to clean otherwise fruit buffet the lemon juice.
Beetroot fruit buffet salad source to build the earthy flavors. Beets, carrots and onions in the oven roasting brings out their sweetness. Barley brings täyttävyyttä and texture. fruit buffet This recipe can not leave sooloilemaan fruit buffet according fruit buffet to what can be found in the cupboards, and what makes the mind. Barley may choose to replace, say, the couscous. Feta cheese instead you can try goat cheese. In all its glory crowned with a few thin slices of raw beetroot. If you prefer to eat fresh beetroot cooked properly, they can also toast the slices lightly in the oven.
4 carrots 4 beets roasting and 1 beetroot sliced 2 small red onions or 1 large oil salt and pepper barley 100 g feta cheese 80 g fresh spinach 50 ml siideriviinietikkaa fruit buffet 2 tablespoons extra- virgin olive oil 5/1 tablespoon sinapinsiemensinappia 1 tablespoon honey salt Wash and clean the beets and carrots. Chop the root vegetables and onions and put them in an ovenproof dish. Add oil, salt and pepper and roast at 200 degrees until the vegetables are cooked.
When the oven roasted vegetables are ready, add them to the ranks of barley. Add the spinach fruit buffet and feta cut. Slice the remaining beetroot into thin slices fruit buffet and arrange the slices over the salad. Spoon the sauce over the salad. Sauce will be some, so add it in moderation according to your taste. Print this recipe
English correspondent Sarah Vernalls fruit buffet take care of the big and the harvest of allotment, which is dedicated to the benefit of growing plants. Blog kokkaillaan from the garden to the table, and the seed of the idea from a Finnish lautaselle-, sometimes in the English and, occasionally, with your very own twist.
Keywords dinner CHAT feta cheese gazpacho pea jam honey. broad bean yogurt cheese cake ice cream soup summer squash souffle cauliflower pumpkin haricot semolina strawberry mint minttuhilloke mozzarella blueberry apple barley beans potato pasta with spinach fruit buffet carrot beetroot tarragon, radish rhubarb ricotta sage. syrup, fruit buffet onion edible flowers crab with tomato herbs

Thursday, November 20, 2014

2014 (109) November (9) July (1) June (9) May (17) April (20) Sew Tea Towel Small is be

I love cooking, but I can not call myself a particularly good chef. I always do something quick and easy. The great anxiety I get when I know I have guests in the evening and a little something should be offered. Generally inclined to a quick salad serving. This particular evening I eat a quick and easy feta salad.
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CHICKEN SALAD tasteful salad, it sounds like that is to contain the only green feed. But it does not go like this. Salad recipe is the same as the close your eyes and think about your feelings, what flavors you are looking for. Or, how big is hungry. And of course, what is available. July we go, rapidly towards tukan sam Christmas, snow, frost. Now is the time to wake up to the latest and enjoy. A salad of raw materials are fresh and tasty. But this time it was hungry, needed a more filling but not heavy food. So pasta and grilled chicken on a basis. A little side dishes and delicious salad was ready. Pasta with grilled chicken, fresh honeydew melon Pineapple Peach Drop tomatoes or the like Spring Onions Iceberg lettuce Chive Cashew nuts Pine nuts Heinz Curry Mango Sauce HOW IT IS COMPLETED I do not put this salad more accurate dosage amounts. Each composition may be preparing to put your taste and mood. However, keep it in great harmony. Everything appropriately. Cook the pasta and leave it in a little pole two. Chop the chicken meat that is clean. Remove the usable meat. Chop the other raw materials. Carry out any appropriate size pieces. Mix all properly with each other, Nostell. I put 5 tablespoons of Curry Mango Sauce. It was quite a reasonable amount into a large bowl. Place the butter in the frying pan and bugging the pine nuts and cashew nuts mixed with. Toast the little brown. Move on kitchen paper and pat off the excess fats away. Put the salad. Fresh ranskanpatonki and lemon-balsamic syrup for decoration.
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People in the plate-theater dining in Kuopio!
Smeared, flavored and clean!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The background, belly disability for many years. Crohn

Any dark green leafy vegetables.
Chicken salad is a classic of the time.
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The background, belly disability for many years. Crohn's disease diagnosis in the spring of 2014. The dining managed masun terms, therefore, grain-free, milk-free and a bit of kaiketon diet. Sometimes, however, masun testing the tolerance limits. Welcome mawakit salat to monitor the human experiment!
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2014 (208) November (15) October (16) September (21), baked sausage, cinnamon rolls köksäss

I made yesterday to the family of pasta bolognese, and zucchini. Pasta was prepared in a large enough dose that it was also enough for today. Pasta side dish I prepared on this day with a tasty salad.
2014 (208) November (15) October (16) September (21), baked sausage, cinnamon rolls köksässä Lamb and punajuuripestoa red hot buffet world Saaristolaissalaattia and einestä, köksässä red hot buffet world mm. je ... Fast food: zucchini and meat, köksässä mm. p ... junk food, köksässä mm. baking sausage and braised cabbage, red hot buffet world köksässä ruotsalai ... Sunday perhelunnerilla Bolognese oven-baked salmon and salads, köksässä patonkisa ... Omelette, köksässä apple, apples and apple chicken and collard greens, köksässä coffee invitations eggplant, red hot buffet world köksässä Estonian and apple on connection of different Sushi ... -perjantai, köksässä seasonal vegetables red hot buffet world with smoked whitefish Pasta, köksässä baking red hot buffet world cabbage bratwurstpata, köksässä pizza and pickles Spaghetti Bolognese, köksässä ground beef soup and o ... Shrimp, köksässä loss a week Barbecue Food mother in law with Tonnikalatahnaa, köksässä west Finnish salmon salad, köksässä scrambled eggs and American bak .. . Roasted pumpkin soup, porridge köksässä Tortillalasagne and lehtikaalisipsit, köksässä läns ... August (17) July (16) June (17) May (26) April (21) March (24) February (12) january (23) 2013 (271) December (26) November (21) October (21) September (21) August (21) July (25) June (20) May (26) April (26) March (25) February (14) january (25) 2012 (49) December (25) November (24)
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