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New York the city that never sleeps !! A cosmopolitan city that the pace of modern life, restless,

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Well ... I believe najprvoto question to ask is: Do you read I Love New York? If you have read the I Love New York it means that you are already familiar with the beginning of the adventure of the hanging girl. But do not worry, even if you have not read - Lindsay brings us nicely into the story and you feel like you're with her from the beginning.
Well my friends, the story just continues where he left off, that is the sweetest Angie, witty rocker Alex. I've can not believe they finally calmed down and now everything is great between them. Yes, the fear that something will go back to the bad is still here, but she tries not to think of it ...
But Angela Angela would not be if not in front of some new adventures, right? In the first part it flew from London because godfathers buffet her fiancé capture how they fail, and now Angela awarded her most important task in the magazine I work. That she needs to go to Hollywood to interview mega famous and super talented James Jacobs, who among other things is God before sex which women literally swoon. But wait, as to why I, and I'm just an amateur ?! Angie is confused ... and that is why seek it. Because it is an amateur who will be capable enough to take out his dirty secrets godfathers buffet in the magazine. And the James Jacobs requires it, his British co-citizen.
Confused, and the two minds Angela does not know what to do. Do not shout it Alex? And if left alone, and if he betrayed? Do you ever go to Hollywood? And what if you zezne interview and lost her job? If you lose a job, lose a visa for America, and Alex loses ... But there is a great choice sakala or not, she has to go. And what is so special that James Jacobs, why would shaking him, so she never saw even one of his films! Yes, it comforts, but only up to the moment until they sit purely informative look a film with James. And then? Then she stops to breathe all night and can not be separated from the TV! So it is wonderful! Dark hair, dark blue eyes, perfect body, perfect smile!
But wait, it's not the most interesting part ... the most interesting part starts when you begin their interview. That is when James starts to flirt with Angela. So have mercy James - she's only human! How can an ordinary man to resist sex god like him? And to be even more interesting, there are faithful friends of James - paparazzi. Yes, so they know how to make a scandal when it does not exist because of them so Alex will wait to see his girlfriend on front pages in the James Hotel, obelechena only in a bathrobe.
Will this be the end between Angela and Alex? Start between Angela and James? Or something ... third leave you to discover, and in the meantime to laugh out loud! I can only say that the second sequel is far better than the first and definitely the story ends with a big surprise! godfathers buffet
As now, in cooperation with the publishing house loves books will award the "I Love Hollywood" as a gift from you. Below the panel for comments despite your name, tell us who is your favorite city and why? The most interesting comment will be rewarded. Good luck !!
Winning book is Diana Filimanovska. The prize can you upload the SPAI (ul.Vodnjanska under restaurant "Gaul") from Monday to Friday (10-19h) or Saturday (10-15h). The launching of the book is enough to say that you are the winner of "I Love Hollywood" by
jas kako i site drugi koi go sakaat svojot roden grad, taka jas go sakam Gostivar bidejki toa e gradot vo koj porasnav. I pokraj toa sto zitelite se mnogu temperamentni, duri nekogas i nepodnoslivi, mislam deka esko bi se snasla da ziveam vo drug pogolem grad kade nikoj ne me poznava. godfathers buffet Go sakam bidejki sekogas koa se setam mozam da go razgledam celiot do detali i toa po nekolku pati bez da se izmoram.Zarem treba da nabrojuvam uste pricini zosto go sakam mojot roden grad? Sekako deka ne, zaradi toa sto i bez da sakam toj e vecno vrezan vo moeto srce. On 17.03.2011 at 9:44 am reply
Go sakam Skopje so seta svoja zbrkanost, godfathers buffet so seta guzva i haoticnost. Bidejki vo sekoj del od nego imam po nekoj spomen od minatoto. I kade i da prosetas mozes da sretnes po nekoj poznanik, duri i koga ne treba)) Go sakam Skopje, zasto Skopje e mojot omilen grad :) On 17.03.2011 at 1:25 pm Replica
New York the city that never sleeps !! A cosmopolitan city that the pace of modern life, restless, creative energy, world famous restaurants, top arts and incredible arhitektura..ednostavno..GO godfathers buffet LOVE NJUJ

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The life of the poet: is Fadwa Abdel Fattah Agha Toukan, exaequo was born in 1917 in Palestine, and holds Jordanian citizenship, received primary education in Nablus and then may go themselves, and joined the cycles of the English language and English literature, was a member of the Board of Trustees of Al-Najah University in Nablus, and attended many festivals and conferences Arab and foreign countries. I got Fadwa Toukan poet on a large number of awards, has received exaequo an award Jordanian Writers Association in 1983, and the award of Sultan Al Owais, exaequo 1987, and the award of Salerno hair from Italy, and the Order of Palestine, and the Award Foundation of Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain for Poetic Creativity 1994, and the award Kafatys International Poetry in 1996. Fadwa hair: I got to know the world of hair by her brother, the poet Ibrahim Toukan, has treated her themes of personal and social development, which is one of the first poets who worked on the embodiment exaequo of emotions in their hair, have been developed so strong fundamentals of the experiences of the female in love and revolution, and the protest of women to society. But her hair stages, it has transformed from romantic poetry to free verse and then dominated her subjects resistance after the fall of her. Doawinha poetic: alone with the days in 1952, and her grandmother in 1957, give us love in 1960, in front of a closed exaequo door, 1967, the night and the Knights in 1969, on top of the world and the lonely, 1973, July and the other thing 1989. her hair from 1948 to 1967 was Fadwa Toukan months of knew in the era of the Mandate of poets, as well as Abu Salma, who settled in Damascus, was marked by poems Abu Salma vibration after 48 vision and a loss of confidence, but Fadwa Toukan has evolved differently Vognt Arabic poetry Hair slim which expresses the discovery of a female for the same. Fadwa Toukan hair phases: the first phase in a woven patterned vertical hair has been quite evident in my book (and my days with (f) and her grandmother) and her hair is a tendency romance. In the second phase was characterized by poetry exaequo with symbolism and realism and drop-hair free and clear of these features in Dioaneha (in front of the locked door (f) of the night and the Knights). Poet Fadwa Toukan began with the traditional vertical poem, to be convinced beyond a poem Trochee, noting that it gives the poet more space and room, as she says that the poem Trochee facilitated by the presence of hair theater. What it issued from studies and research: issued by academic studies (Master's and PhD) in a number of Arab and foreign universities, as I wrote about studies scattered in Arabic exaequo newspapers and magazines, along with other writings of both Ibrahim science, and Khalil Abu-piggy, and the girl beach and spiritual Kulaina, exaequo and Hani Abu Gdab, and Abeer Abu Zaid and others. And new books about the poet Fadwa Toukan Book: (from Ibrahim Toukan to his sister Fadwa), a new book reveals the role of the poet Ibrahim Toukan in educating his sister through letters, and the unclaimed poet Ibrahim sister poetess Fadwa demands related to language, weight and image, and for the development exaequo of tools , and was the first source that achieves this is the Koran. And released by the House of abandonment for publication and distribution - House of Poetry - in the city of Ramallah, Palestine another exaequo book (messages Ibrahim exaequo Toukan to his sister Fadwa), and at this level reveal messages over the hardship and effort exaequo by both sides to reach a goal is guided to the grammar and the laws of the hair, and suggests As you read them, and as you write and corrects her, while reassuring exaequo to a reasonable level paid to push her hair for publication. One evening of poetry, which was attended by Fadwa Toukan in UAE: poet Fadwa Toukan activities on the Arab level and global, and speaks poet Fadwa Toukan in her evenings for the suffering that has been plagued since the occupation of the Jews to the land of the Palestinian Arab, even if many of her poems came into existence through this suffering, and This seminar says she still feels humiliated and humiliation as it considers Arab lands Jews desecrate feet.

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Jaffa at the gates of my beloved In the chaos of the wreckage of the role. Between the backfill and

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Jaffa at the gates of my beloved In the chaos of the wreckage of the role. Between the backfill and forks and stood up and I said to the eyes: WNBC moratorium versace gold coast buffet on the ruins of the departed and calls from Vatu built the house and mourns the loss of the house that was built by heart Mnshaka heart and said: What have you done? Your days, my house? Where are domiciled here Does Jaetk after distancing, you Jaetk news? Here were here dreamed painted here tomorrow following projects where the dream and following and where HMO and HMO Where? Did not utter wreckage of the house and did not utter there are only Giabhmu and the silence of silence, and the abandonment and there was a collection of albums versace gold coast buffet and ghosts, strange facial, hand and tongue and was hovering in the footnotes extend its assets which was commanding boss was .. was .. snorkel heart Balahzan * beloved wiped from the eyelids Illabh tears gray to meet you In my eyes the light of love and faith in you, land, human beings Vokhgele if I come meet you - and eyelids tremulous Mpelol and my heart desperate Disheartened and here I am my beloved here with you to Oqubs Menkmo cinder to take my lamps darkness of Zikm diameter to Mesbahi; versace gold coast buffet here I am my beloved to yours stretch out my hand, and when your head Here was my head and my forehead notch with you to the sun and now you Kck our mountains Guo ÇáÍáćĺ the flower of our country, how the wound Ashakna? How Ashakna and despair? And how to cry in front of you? Turn right, after this day will not cry! * Beloved horse people exceeded - setback yesterday gave Gallant Mentvdha behind the river Osajua, her horse people - neighs confident omnivorous and escape from the siege of Jinx and darkness and merely versace gold coast buffet about Merfoh the sun and those processions of horsemen Mmeltmh versace gold coast buffet blessed and Tfdi is dissolved garnet and blood coral Quenching and scrap material feed and provide flood give and chanting horsepower free: enemy O - horse people, you are the symbol and Albayrak and we are behind the Legion will bounce us tide and boiling - and anger will not Andah in the field over the foreheads fatigue will not rest, will not rest until we expel the ghosts versace gold coast buffet and the crows and the darkness * beloved lamps darkness, my brothers in the wound ... Loya Secret yeast O Wheat die here to give us and give us and give us the go Trqatkm and planted my feet like you in the national and in the ground and planted my eyes like you in the path of the sun and the dental

When reached puberty, I had recovered from the fever, malaria, and I was pleased by the grace of we

Love ailing infrastructure hagola and early
Childhood: I came out of the darkness hagola of the unknown to the world is not ready to receptive. hagola My mom tried to get rid of me in the first few months of my pregnancy. I tried and repeated the attempt, but failed. My date of birth is lost in the mist of years. hagola I ask my mother, laughing answer: the day you cook Ekob , this birth certificate that my only! And found that the attributes born in Pisces apply strangely on a typo and tendencies, placed myself in Pisces. Were not living conditions experienced by a child with the family to meet my needs psychological, as my needs that physical did not know at that stage contentment and satisfaction. I've kept Otlhv to get the doll and Fhama eyes closed, and I was replaced by the doll manufactured by my aunt or daughter or neighbor Abdullah Alia of rip Qsasath colored cloth. Even those dolls stopped dealing with them since Zjrtina mom saying: hagola Mschk God, Enough busier with dolls, I have grown up . I was in the eighth day of my life! I did not love my clothes, cloth and not detailed, it was my mom Tejetha herself, did not mastered this workmanship. But my intention was ailing debilitating fever, malaria that accompanied the years of my childhood. The Ahobe and Nahouli hagola source of rare and humor and epithets launch of prey Ali: Come Aasfra .. spiritual Eachdhara! I hear you about the exciting things characterize much of the night without the other nights of the year, Kanfattah sky calls to ascend from hearts Almlhofah Vtstjab. So you're secluded himself in much of the night at the corner in the courtyard when exposed or bitter orange hagola trees, and top-notch, and the symptoms of my face to the sky to make it to my cheek beautiful colors hagola tinged red, so stop call me and bile green! Otlhv you for something that is not food: shaved golden bracelet or precious or beautiful dress dolls or doll factories .. you Otlhv for parental love and special attention and did not achieve the desires Ahakqaha me someday. Masamat remember my mother often jokes and anecdotes about the childhood of my brothers, which was Ithirna We Vendg young. And I was waiting to tell something about my childhood, but the League did not come at all. Vibaderha question eagerly childish: the provisions of us, my mom something about me, but they were not to table Galili even mention the blink of trivial, Vonkmh in me, and I feel Blashiita, I do not thing I do not have a place in her memory (...) in this house and the walls are high that obscured all the world External group harem Moadh it, crushed my childhood and my youth and part of quite a few of my youth.
When reached puberty, I had recovered from the fever, malaria, and I was pleased by the grace of wellness, and that struck me open my body .. subsided and I was ashamed .. Erpkina growth of my chest, which has now become noticeable, so I am working on the hide of this growth, and I started watching the whole thing coyly severe, as if I committed a sin worthy of the most shameful punishment. Spring came, and I knew this thing called love. Filled hagola the depths of the mysterious smell of Jasmine Flower strange, and slide my feelings on something hard to interpret. And claimed the heart melts under the influence of Songs Mohammed Abdel Wahab Almtrah affective: Come äÝäě Nevsana grams .. you Yahager Daei .. the heart of the valley fever left Rmqa .. I lost my appetite for food, and I knew insomnia beautiful, so full of Balokhilh and perceptions carefree, for the first time I knew how to cover the face of what every human being faces other, and sweep the whole of existence. Was a boy in the age of sixteen, did not exceed the limits of the story in my going up everyday and Aiaba, what was that like me Tzog right or to the left, was the obedience of the leading Sfaty, and I was always haunted by fear of my family. Communication was the only one who was with me the boy is a flower Phil ran to her one day a young boy in hot Aqaba I'm on my way to the house of my aunt. Then put the curse that befell the end of all things beautiful. hagola There was a follow-up of watching, Fushi thing to my brother Joseph, and entered Yusuf Ali Kazhobah raging: Tell the truth . I told the truth to the fists of Anjou Yusuf, who was practicing sport carrying heavy loads. The judge issued a judgment under house arrest in the home until the day I die, and threatened to kill me if you skip the threshold hagola of the house, and came out of the house to discipline the boy. Took my aunt and uncle's family members Nizarhm magnifier to look into the incident in which innocent childish, Faatoha size larger than the size. Ali began to shine a skeptical look in their eyes and holding Me ideas unfair. hagola Anzerat myself in the tender soft bad idea for myself, usually created in the walk and I bowed head I dare not raise my eyes toward their faces that were Tlghani morning and evening Balabos hatred. hagola I Hohna in front of myself. (*) Of Journey mountainous, difficult journey: A Biography the first part. Sunrise House, Amman, 1985.
Enjoyed the late Palestinian poet (1917 2003) Bal_husnyen: she was a woman wrote poetry hagola from the heart of the province, environment, and behind the cover and the walls of the house of an ancient tradition hagola of strict Ziege; and it was a Palestinian who lived, for nearly three decades, under Israeli occupation in the West Bank. Its distinct movement in the evolution of modern Arabic hagola poetry unclear, especially when placed in mind the fact that the experience changed Toukan and turned and made sometimes, and lived and froze the rebound phase, and that along the almost five decades. Suffice it here first indication that the voice of the late was a solo Indeed, whatever the verdict on its properties and givens, and had its own only in the stage of barbed life of Arabic poetry, while reform hagola that hair Leadership one text symmetrical in shape, converging in Stylistics core, heterogeneous more or less in the subjects and contents and purpose! In this sense, and with the reservation initially slightly spiritual Circular, can be considered the opinion of the poet and critic of the Palestinian Salma green Jayyousi one of the views of the few developed experience Toukan in the context hagola of a sound Degradable hagola of pressure virtue dual referenced above: in the fifties and sixties, managed many Palestinians ( wherever hagola they found themselves) to do an active role in the creation of avant-garde poetry and criticism of my hair. But, at the end of the

Monday, September 15, 2014

He says,

Reuters: Fawaz Toukan .. image astronomy and astrology in the hair Abbasi | bimaatta3allol
BEIRUT (Reuters) - A researcher finds academic Fawaz Ahmad Toukan in the book values and huge him that scientific knowledge in astronomy and astrology were uninhibited saladfinger in the old hair, but that evolution in the Abbasid era was most obvious in the community. Said Dr. Toukan university professor, poet and former minister in the government of Jordan in a summary of his research long-depth "to show the people of that era speed reflection of new life in the hair. Despite the fact that scientific knowledge in astronomy, astrology and her brother were uninhibited in ancient poetry, but the great development in this science was most obvious in the community.
"I've known for the Arabic language since the early texts that we received from the blue-domed landmarks and informed guide to the vocabulary of these astronomical celestial bodies and the names of Arabian horses, saladfinger which teem with hair and Alascaa since ignorance. But the broad steps of scientific saladfinger development and qualitative saladfinger progress in human knowledge of the science of the stars and planets and meteors and the universe and zodiac met in response to the poets. saladfinger "
He says, "It is here This study was extended saladfinger in the poetry of the Abbasid period extended. And reinforcing the legitimacy of the question that the familiarity of public and private industry astronomy and astrology was widespread and deep valley. saladfinger To what extent was it a reflection on the product of poets ..
"We must Bdiia assertion saladfinger that the astronomical and astrological knowledge in the Abbasid saladfinger era carried out in the arts of hair .. all praise and pride and self-pity and spelling and spinning and description. As the vocabulary related to this knowledge technically as well as the names of celestial bodies found their way easily to the poetic image in this day and age. "
He believed that the functioning of the poet, the introduction of the single astronomical or name Orb was "a form of transcendence saladfinger cognitive recipients of his hair ... and we saw the poet uses a single astronomical or the name of the orb to suggest to the recipient of his hair that behind this term properties of astronomical task Akhilh lattice known poet right knowledge and must be the recipient aware of them.
"If the mayors to use Mars was suggesting to an audience that's poetic heading toward war and oppression and cruelty on the one hand or to the ill-fated and Alnhosh saladfinger and disappointment. If eating Alvrkd and Alsha and Alaaouk it meant filming height and greatness and the impossibility of realizing desired. "
He announced saladfinger that his show, "The intake of astronomy vocabulary of significant public and Kalecoqb star and Shehab, including the sun and the moon in my case and saying that the indefinite definition differs from him in dealing with the vocabulary of significant astronomical own."
He said, "The statistics show many that the vocabulary of astronomy and astrology and the names of celestial bodies and pictures of eight planets and forty-twelve zodiac and the names of the asteroids was used in hair slightly compared to the names of the five planets car Almthirh (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury) and the names of some of the homes of the moon Kalthreya and Soud four plus some Ksuhal criminality and Alaaouk and Alvrkd and Sirius saladfinger and Gemini. "
"The total of these planets most commonly used when Abi Nawas 43 a name while Titles Other 20 when Abe exactly 23 and 19 and when Seatri 44 and 16 and when I'm Proud, 7, 9 and when Rumi 82 and 16 and at Mutanabi 24 and 4.
"And we have benefited from eating poets blind to the subject of astronomy in their hair that description saladfinger accuracy and versatility in the use of single astronomical theme appropriate, particularly when Maari came from a balance of linguistic blind poets. And he who Needless to say, the emphasis on that this knowledge Jaethma from the lexicon of the language and cultural outcome of Sciences stored for transport and not from the study of nature and the sense of experience and preview.
"Perhaps saladfinger this conclusion can be circulated to more than a poet we dealt with their offspring in this study who did not deny the gift of sight. This generalization is produced necessarily important to note that the use of vocabulary saladfinger astronomical and the names of celestial bodies at many of the poets in the Abbasid period was seen to use a dictionary Desert in primates Tllih after the Umayyad period saladfinger and therefore we see that the prevalence of astronomy at the hair Abbasi is not the outcome of scientific expertise more than the outcome of linguistic minorities. " saladfinger
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